Club Membership
What is Banyan Tree Private Collection (BTPC)?

BTPC is Asia’s first asset-backed destination club, offering perpetual and transferable membership. The club has an ever-expanding resort portfolio.

The present BTPC Villas portfolio includes a wide selection of accommodation at Banyan Tree Hotels; a private four-bedroom villa in Tuscany, Italy, a three-bedroom villa in Grasse Provence, France; a two-bedroom apartment in London, Westminster area in the United Kingdom; and a two-Bedroom apartment in Kyoto, Japan.

Our “Associate” Villas are properties under Banyan Tree Managed group of hotels comprises all suites or villas at Banyan Tree and Angsana Hotels and Resorts included in the portfolio; and are available for use with limited number of room nights entitlement per yearly stays based on the value of room rate at the time of booking.

Who manages the BTPC?

BTPC is managed by the Banyan Group (“Banyan Tree”), a leading international hospitality brand that manages and develops premium resorts, hotels and spas. It has won over 1000 awards and accolades, all within a short time span since the first resort was opened in 1994.

Banyan Tree provides BTPC members with travel experiences that are consistent with its brand philosophy—the Love of travel. Leveraging on the complementary product offerings, ranging from resorts, hotels, spas, galleries to golf courses, BTPC delivers multi-faceted, destination-specific experiential services that are of exceptional standards and quality.

Is membership transferable?

Transfer of membership is allowed and there shall be a transfer fee of US$10,000 payable by the Member upon transfer of Membership. If the transferring Member fails to pay such transfer fee, the intended transferee shall not be admitted as a Member of the Club. Memberships which are transferred to an *Immediate Family Member will not be subjected to a transfer fee but an administrative fee of US$500 shall be payable.

*Immediate Family Member refers to the spouse, minor, parents and siblings of a Member.

What are the key benefits of a BTPC membership?

More indulgence for less
The value proposition of a membership is that it costs a fraction of what one would pay to stay in a similar villa in a Banyan Tree resort, you need not worry about hotels’ and resorts’ tariff inflation for your holiday for the rest of your life and aligns with the family succession planning.

As membership is asset-backed with owned/rented/long-term-leased “BTPC Villas”, true asset protection is enhanced. The proprietary and other assets of BTPC are held by an independent company, whose shares are held by a trustee shareholder, insulated from the Banyan Group.

Perpetuity and transferable
Membership is perpetual and can be transferred or sold at any time.

Current and future destinations
Members have access not only to any of the existing properties in BTPC portfolio, but also all new properties that may be acquired by BTPC in the future.

Branded assurance of villa quality
In contrast with stand-alone luxury villa rentals, where there is a void of a branded hospitality company assurance, all BTPC villas are designed to furnish guests with a sense of place that captures the spirit and culture of each location. The high standards of Banyan Tree will prevail as it maintains and refurbishes the villas.

Resort amenities and membership privileges
Most residences of other destination clubs are stand-alone properties, whereas the majority of BTPC villas are within the Banyan Tree resorts. This means that BTPC members have access to the resorts’ facilities, including spas, golf courses, swimming pools, specialty restaurants, gym, tennis courts, water recreation facilities, and libraries. Members will hold a membership card entitling them to concessions for spa and facial treatments, gallery products, golf games, food & beverage, and stays at Banyan Tree resorts.

Ala carte menu of destination-specific experiences
For those who desire unique holidays, BTPC offers an ala carte menu of destination specific experiences that may be booked and paid for in advance. These range from dinner on the rocks, massage of the senses, adventure travel experiences at Banyan Tree resorts, to gourmet culinary experiences at European destinations.

Hassle-free travel with membership services and resort host
Our Membership Services Managers will provide assistance and advice on vacation planning. They will be able to make recommendations to suit your needs based on their knowledge of local attractions. At Banyan Tree resorts, dedicated Resort Hosts will attend to your every need, from making dining reservations, arranging for transportation, to booking spa appointments and golf tee-off times. Daily housekeeping with the Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts villa portfolio will keep everything in the villa clean and comfortable.

Is there a cap on membership?

Yes, but as the club destinations grow the membership cap will grow as well and the club will be able to add even more destinations or inventory to maintain a member to inventory ratio proportionally, so that Members will continue to enjoy the benefits without compromise.

For my membership, what type of use rights am i entitled to?

The 1-week individual membership plan includes:

  • One week use in any BTPC villas, associate villas or Reciprocal villas (terms and condition apply)
  • Golf Access at three golf courses managed by Laguna Golf – Laguna Phuket, Bintan and LangCo. Green Fee free for Life Members, 50% Discount for Term Members (terms and conditions apply).
  • Membership card entitling to concessions for spa treatments, gallery products, games, food & beverages
  • Membership services, including reservations and information on destinations.
  • Resort host and on-site concierge services at Banyan Tree & Angsana Hotels & Resorts.
Will there be a situation of the villas being overbooked?

As some villas are more popular than others with overwhelming demands, the Club appreciates advance notice for making a reservation request so as to maximize the chance of a successful booking confirmation. The demand from members will be sufficiently satisfied by our wide selection of accommodation ranging from one bedroom suites to three/four bedroom villas under owned or associated villa portfolio. Member can also exchange to a wide selection of luxury accommodations worldwide through the reciprocal’s service provider.

Club Usage
Do I have to make a reservation to use a villa?

Yes, you must reserve your desired week(s) in accordance with the booking timelines stated in Question below. Reservation requests can be made as follows:

  •  Members Area using the online booking form on our website in the Members Login
  •  In writing via email to the e-mail address:
How far in advance of my intended check-in date may I submit a reservation request?

The earliest that you may make a reservation request is 12 months in advance for both Non Peak and Peak period.

Designated peak periods are: Christmas week, New Year week, Chinese New Year week, and Easter week. Summer period from 15 July – 15 September apply for European Villas, Specific Golden Week Peak Season and other special Japanese Public Holidays only apply to our Kyoto apartment.

No peak period surcharge will apply during these periods, but the cancellation policy is very strict and the confirmations will depend on availability.

Requests are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

How will I know if my reservation request has been confirmed?

All reservation requests will be confirmed by email.

What might prevent me from securing a confirmed reservation?

Your reservation request will not be processed if you have defaulted in the payment of your Annual Dues, you do not have the required number of days, or your use rights have been suspended by the Club.

Can my friends and family stay at the villas?

Yes. Your friends and family are permitted to stay at the villas if you provide the Club’s Central Reservations with the names and addresses of the guests when the booking is made.

Does my membership entitle me to reserve a particular villa type?

Your membership entitles you to reserve a wide selection of room category at the Club accommodation portfolio.

How many persons may occupy my villa?

The maximum allowable occupancy for a one-bedroom villa is two adults and two-bedroom villa is four adults. However, should an extra bed be required, this is subject to the hotel’s policy, and charges will be levied by the hotel, if applicable. The private three-bedroom villas will accommodate six adults.

What is the members’ entitlement usage limitation for BTPC “Associate Villas”? How does it works?

Option number of days/nights Members permitted to exchange BTPC Villas Entitlement to Associate Villa Member’s Entitlement per annum, is subject to availability and the prevailing practice of the Club which is currently the following choices:

The maximum number of days/nights Members are permitted to book based on the value of Best Available Rate on and 

Maximum Stay per 1 Week Plan
* < US$600 per night: 6 days / 5 nights
* US$600 to US$900 per night: 5 days / 4 nights
* US$901 to US$1500 per night: 4 days / 3 nights
* > US$1500 per night: 3 days / 2 nights

If you have used 3 nights of your BTPC Villa’s entitlement to exchange for the Associate Villas booking, the remaining balance of 4 nights can be used to make a booking at any BTPC or Reciprocal Villas.

After you have converted your entitlement for associate villas booking, for example, 4 nights for booking at the BAR of US$900, but you have only decided to use 2 nights out of the maximum 4 nights stay BAR range, the remaining balance of 2 nights can be used to make a booking only in the unit type and destination within the previous selected BAR range at US$600 to US$900; and cannot be converted to book at a different BAR room range.

Split Week
Can I split my entitlement to use at different destinations?

To allow members more flexibility, their room night entitlement stays may be split as they wish to.

How far in advance of my intended check-in date may I submit a split-week reservation request?

The earliest that you may make a reservation request is 12 months in advance for both Non Peak and Peak period.

Designated peak periods are: Christmas week, New Year week, Chinese New Year week, and Easter week. Summer period from 15 July – 15 September apply for European Villas, Specific Golden Week Peak Season and other special Japanese Public Holidays only apply to our Kyoto apartment.

No peak period surcharge will apply during these periods, but the cancellation policy is very strict and the confirmations will depend on availability.

Requests are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are the minimum and the maximum number of nights which I can release at a time for split-week use?

There is no limitation. Any extensions of stay once you have used up your room night entitlement will be subject to pay per use terms at 30% off Best Available Rates on the Banyan Tree hotels & resorts website at and the Angsana hotels & resorts website at respectively.

Beneficiary Allotment
How to place a booking request for beneficiary allotment?

Each Member which requested any Beneficiary Allotment shall designate an authorised representative to coordinate with Reservation. The representative must submit the reservation request in writing via e-mail to with the following details:

1. Beneficiary’s name;
2. Gift letter reference number;
3. Beneficiary Allotment details (Club Accommodation Type / room nights / year etc.); and
4. Any other information requested by the Club reservations team (the “Reservations”).

Can the beneficiary allotment be carry forward to next year if it has not been used?

No, once the Beneficiary Allotment is issued, the entitlement is deemed used and cannot be carried forward or extend.

Carrying Forward and Advance Member's Entitlement
Can member carry forward unutilised entitlement?

Lifetime members may carry forward BTPC Villa entitlement to the next immediate calendar year, expiring on 31 December of that year. Term members may not carry forward unutilised entitlement.

Can member advance entitlement to combine with current year usage?

A Lifetime member is permitted to borrow any days from the following year's use right for current year, if member has paid the Annual Dues for the said following year and with the Club’s approval.

Term members may borrow days from following year use right, but subject to the Club’s Management approval.

Check-in and Check-out Times
At what time may I check-in to my villa and at what time must I check-out of my villa?

Check-in and check-out times vary for each Club Accommodation. The check-in and check-out times will be indicated in your confirmation document. Check-in will normally be at the front desk of Banyan Tree resorts or at each independent BTPC suite or villa.

Are the rules & regulations and terms & conditions subject to change?

Yes. The Club may amend the Rules & Regulations from time to time. You will be notified of any changes. The same applies to the Terms & Conditions of the Club.

Can I use my membership during designated peak periods?

Yes. The designated peak period weeks are Christmas Week, New Year Week, Chinese New Year Week, and Easter Week. However, there is no surcharge on stays during these designated peak weeks.

*A very strict cancellation/ amendment rules and regulations, terms and conditions will apply during Peak Period.

Surcharge and Annual Dues
Who benefits from the annual dues?

Annual dues will be used solely for the benefit of BTPC members. A major portion of the surcharge and annual dues will go towards maintaining the villas and providing membership services, with the balance helping to cover administration costs.

Why are BTPC annual dues the lowest in the industry?

There are two reasons. Firstly, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts are allowed to rent out unoccupied BTPC villas, the rental revenues of which are used to subsidize Annual Dues. Secondly, maintenance costs of BTPC’s villas within Banyan Tree resorts benefit from the economies of scale achieved by the resorts.

Destination Villas
Will BTPC continue to add new destinations?

Yes. As membership grows, the club plans to add villas at the destinations where new Banyan Tree resorts are being developed. More private properties in attractive locations in Europe and the Americas will also be considered.

What is the average size of the Banyan Tree resorts, BTPC villas and service residences in the portfolio?

At Banyan Tree and Angsana hotels & resorts, members will have access to a wide variety of villas in their portfolio as can be perused on the respective websites

At private standalone villa and reciprocal partners property, one-bedroom to four-bedroom choices are available.

As the villa standards are vary, Members are advised to study the conditions, fact sheets and specific information provided by the relevant destination and reciprocal partners of BTPC when confirming a booking through BTPC. BTPC only provides assistance to the Members for their booking arrangement with preliminary information.