Gifts For Good

Gifts that are good for the earth, and for you

What you choose to buy while on holiday is as important as who we choose to work with.

To help you shop sustainably, we curate a collection of exquisite, hand-crafted products made in artisan communities that capture the spirit of the destination. They are available at our Banyan Tree Galleries.

Bring home the best of nature

Inspired by the communities where our spas operate, and by indigenous treatments, Banyan Tree Essentials skincare and spa products are made with the finest natural ingredients to create botanical blends and hand-ground mixtures that provide moments of wellness in the every day.


Our craft partners
Leaf Creation Co. Ltd

The tough and durable leaves from the Tong Tung tree have been long used by Northern Thailand communities for roofing, wrapping items, and packing food.

Our artisan partner Mr Poramate Sai-Uparach transforms these fallen leaves into biodegradable, waterproof, and eco-friendly packaging that we use for Banyan Tree Essentials. 

Chiang Mai Porcelain

Khun Seangchan and Khun Sureepon were the first makers of our ceramic die-cut logos – most prominently featured on our range of Banyan Tree Essentials ceramic oil burners.

Their factory in Chiang Mai started in 1995, where they delicately and meticulously craft the die-cut logos and painting of our ceramics.