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Our Brands

In days gone by, the Banyan tree provided shelter to weary travellers. Symbolising the relief and comfort provided by nature, we adopted the name for our hotels that offer rest and relaxation. A Sanctuary for the Senses, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts provide naturally luxurious, ecological, culturally sensitive experiences. 

Angsana takes its name from a tall, tropical rainforest tree, with golden, fragrant flowers that bloom unexpectedly for a day, and fall the next morning. The brand beholds the maxim to draw the most out of the present and treasure every moment, and offers contemporary, spacious rooms and suites.

Cassia takes its name from the Cassia fistula, a tree with vivid yellow blooms. Bright and bold, we embody this vibrancy in philosophy and design. A bold new proposition, Cassia offers stylish, cutting edge hotel residences and incredible choices for families, friends and couples.

Create a hyperlocal journey at the heart and soul of Dhawa, where expression is offered at every opportunity. It is a world where design and comfort come together for an imaginative experience, and guests get the freedom to make choices based on lifestyle and individuality. 

Perched on the heights of Buahan, one of Bali's most untapped enclaves, Banyan Tree Escape transcends mere hospitality, inviting guests to a new way of being and experiencing. Our myriad of rare experiences are finely selected and curated for the ultimate adventure off the beaten trail. 

A functional hotel with compact but visually exciting rooms that provide a big experience in small spaces.

Garrya’s distinct wellness approach within a modern, minimalist haven contains serene spaces designed for simplified living, where body and soul can rest, contemplate, and reconnect with the inner self. Inspired by the elegance of the winter flowering plant, it is designed for sophisticated travellers who enjoy beauty in simplicity.

HOMM is a hotel chain that provides a sense of home, comfort, and familiarity through reliable services, standardised and signature facilities, and well-designed rooms at a relatively affordable price. We want guests to feel a sense of belonging, so they can be themselves entirely. 

A lagoon is a water source that fuels the flora, fauna, and land around it, enabling growth as a source of life. Similarly, Laguna enables the growth of our guests, staff, wider communities, and ecology as a sustainable destination providing luxury of choice within the comforts of an integrated resort. 

Veya is a place of connection between self, others, and nature. A safe space of both wonderment and reflection, to facilitate the discovery of new possibilities and wisdoms. Our proprietary 8 pillars of wellbeing is about sustained and balanced practices, serving as guiding principles throughout life’s journey.


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