Spa & Wellbeing Classes

Spa & Wellbeing Express Classes

DIY Organic Plant-Based Body Scrub 1 Hour |  2,000 THB

The Organic Plant-Based Body Scrub session guides participants through the creation of a nourishing body scrub using organic ingredients. Explore the art of blending and craft a personalized scrub that promotes healthy, radiant skin.

Lifting Massage & Face Yoga 2 Hours | 3,000 THB

The Lifting Massage & Face Yoga course is a harmonious blend of relaxation and rejuvenation. You will learn the therapeutic benefits of a lifting massage and the revitalizing techniques of face yoga. Physical wellbeing merges with a sense of inner balance and tranquility.


DIY Thai Therapeutic Herbal Pouch 2 Hours | 3,000 THB

Explore the therapeutic secrets of Thai traditions in our Thai Therapeutic Herbal Pouch crafting session. Participants engage in creating their herbal pouch infused with traditional Thai herbs. This hands-on experience provides insights into the healing properties of Thai botanicals and imparts the wisdom of Thai therapeutic practices.

Introduction to Reflexology 2 Hours | 3,000 THB

Begin a journey of self-discovery with our Introduction to Reflexology course. This foundational session provides participants with insights into the principles and practices of reflexology. Gain an understanding of how reflexology contributes to overall wellbeing and learn basic techniques for hands and feet.

Spa & Wellbeing Intensive Classes

Deep-Dive Reflexology: Hands & Feet 10 Hours  |  10,000 THB

A comprehensive exploration of reflexology with a specific emphasis on the hands and feet. This course provides participants with an in-depth study and practical application of reflexology techniques. Additionally, it includes a do-it-yourself session on crafting a Thai herbal pouch, an infused footbath experience, hand conditioning cream application, and lessons on hand and foot reflexology massage.

Self-Care Massage & Aromatherapy 10 Hours  |  10,000 THB

This course is focused on self-care practices that incorporate massage techniques and aromatherapy into personal wellness routines. Participants will gain the skills to seamlessly integrate massage and aromatherapy, with lessons covering neck and shoulder massage, face lifting massage techniques with gua sha, and a full-body aromatherapy massage.


Thai Therapeutic Techniques & Stretching 10 Hours  |  10,000 THB

Offering a deep dive into Thai therapeutic techniques and stretching elements from Thai tradition, this course includes a do-it-yourself segment on crafting Thai balm and Thai herbal massage oil. Participants will engage in full-body stretches that enhance relaxation and flexibility, providing a holistic experience rooted in Thai traditions.